Number Puzzle for Miners

Miners should be provided with paper and pens for the puzzle. Each round should last around 15 minutes.

If the miners solve their first puzzle quickly then the facilitator should continue to set more puzzles until at least 15 minutes have elapsed. This provides enough time for participants to experiment with trading in each round, and roughly represents the amount of time is takes for a block of data in the Blockchain to be encrypted and stored

When the first miner finishes, the clock is stopped on the current round of trading. The winning miner is the one who has finished the most number puzzles first.

If after 15 minutes none of the miners have solved the first puzzle, the facilitator will stop the clock for the round and then check all the miners’ solutions. The winning miner is the one with the closest solution for the puzzle.

You can find other puzzles here or make your own puzzles up using pen and paper.